Transform Your Space Into A More Comfortable & Productive Area

Interior Plants is a premier interior plantscape company who can transform your office space into a more comfortable and productive work area. We design new spaces with healthy and attractive plants displayed in attractive containers. Any plant, any size. We care for the plants on regular scheduled visits. Under our care, if a plant doesn't look healthy, we will replace the plant with no additional cost to you. If you are moving, expanding, downsizing, or would like your work and common areas more attractive for your employees and clients, please call us and we will provide a comprehensive proposal. 


We have designed hospitals, law firms, casinos, accounting firms, pharmaceuticals and common areas of buildings. Our design with plants are only limited by our imagination. We know where to place each plant so that they do well. 

Plants are a vital part of your work environment. From a hanging plant, to a tall ficus tree, to a balfour aralia, we do it all. Live, artificial, and preserved plants are available. If your lighting isn't good enough for live plants, we may suggest high quality artificial plants. Please call or email for a complimentary evaluation.

Interior Plants daily operations include:

- Plant maintenance for corporate & residential
- Plant replacements, rental & relocation
- Office expansion, down size & move
- Trim large trees in buildings
- Complimentary design of office or residential space
- Unique & attractive containers provided, including
oriental fishbowls & vases
- Centerpieces
- Floral arrangements
- Plant upgrade
- Plants as corporate & other gifts
- Plants available include live, artificial, preserved,
flowering & succulents
- Green walls
- Terrariums

Clients include:
- Accounting firms
- Law firms
- Hospitals
- Casinos
- Malls
- Colleges
- Pharmaceuticals
- Insurance companies
- Government agencies.

Fully Insured - Professional Work

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