Yes, we do sell plants! Whether it is one or one hundred, we provide quality plants for your enjoyment. We have live, artificial and preserved plants. We also have a great variety of attractive containers and oriental fishbowls to display the plants in. Upon calling our office, we will arrange to look at your facilities. We will judge which plants will do well, based on the space and lighting. We will then provide you with choices of plants and containers. The plants may range from a small table top, to one as big as you want. We can provide containers from a basic look, to a very unique look; different shapes, sizes and finishes. What ever you choose, we will set everything up in a most professional manner. The plants will enhance your work or living environment, so you can go about your business with a smile. 


After we install or change the plants, we will take full responsibility for their care. When caring for the plants, each plant will be meticulously trimmed, cleaned, watered and rotated. The plants will look vibrant and healthy. Sometimes we may move a plant if it is deemed more appropriate in another area. We look out for your best interest. If you move to another location, or add or decrease some of your work space, we will work with you to accommodate your needs. We have designed larger office spaces for some of our clients, when they moved to a new location. We have filled new work spaces when our clients rearranged their work areas. What ever your needs, please call us for a complimentary proposal. 


When the holidays arrive, we can provide a themed holiday display for your company to enjoy. We provide poinsettias, garland, trees and wreaths. We can set up lighting to enhance your building inside or outside. Our poinsettias come in red, white, pink, monet and burgundy colors. We also have winter roses (poinsettias grown in the shape of roses). They will be displayed in the most prominent locations for your office to enjoy for the holidays. We have set up poinsettia trees for our clients to enjoy. If we care for the poinsettias, we will guarantee they will look just as nice on the last day, as on the first day they are installed. We can surround your office with garland. They will be secured and displayed with bows, ribbons and lights. The garland is top quality and will look nice wrapped around railings, hanging from the wall, or secured in other appropriate areas. We provide many size wreaths, decorated with cones, balls, lights and other amenities. Our trees pop out and warm up the surrounding areas. 

Does your office need fresh flowers, or a nice centerpiece for the reception area or conference room? We have provided fresh and artificial floral arrangements for offices in need of some color. We also provide orchids, bonsai trees and other unique plants per request. If you have a dark conference room with no windows or light, or another room or office with a low light level, we may suggest high quality artificial orchids or other plants which you may certainly enjoy. Please call us to see some samples!


Do you want to send an employee a special gift of appreciation, or a business associate a high quality gift which they will keep for years? Our plants displayed in oriental fishbowls have been delivered to many people who have enjoyed them over and over. Our fishbowls come in many sizes; from a 5" diameter to 20". They also have been painted in many colors. What ever color or look you want, please consider our fishbowls as a quality gift!