Embrace the Autumn Splendor with Glorious Mums


Fall mums are the perfect late-season blooms to embrace the glorious splendor of autumn. Featuring a wide array of stunning hues and blooms that last for weeks, it's easy to see why this stunning plant is one of the number one choices for fall foliage.

These exquisite blooms are a long-standing favorite among gardeners as the go-to choice for bridging the gap between the summer and fall growing seasons. But these blooms shouldn't be limited to just the garden and porch! Explore these creative ways to embrace the autumn splendor with glorious mums and find your inspiration this season.

Rustic and Chic

Nothing adds elegance to a table better than a well-designed centerpiece that pays homage to autumn's arrival. Create a gorgeously rustic and simple centerpiece by adding a touch of nature to the table. Your guests are sure to be wowed with this clever use of natural materials to showcase these gorgeous autumn blooms.

Simply gather a handful of twigs and trim them to match the height of your container. Stretch the rubber band around the container and secure the twigs. Cover the rubber band with a simple twine. For a stunning finish to this effortless centerpiece, add fresh cut mums in shades of creamy whites, rich golds, deep oranges, and vibrant plums to welcome the new season.

Effortless Elegance

Add an elevated level of elegance to any space with a variety of floral foam balls and fresh cut mums in three complementary colors. This also makes a great choice for other floral forms like wreaths. Soak the floral balls or shaped forms in water and trim the stems of your mums to ½ inch.

Closely pack each ball or floral form with a mixture of mums. Choose a container with the same, or slightly smaller, width as the floral balls to display your stunning autumnal creations. A regular spritz of water will keep your elegant autumnal displays vibrantly colorful for weeks.

Gorgeous Gourds

Gourds are synonymous with autumn, so why not create a dazzling display using tiny gourds and these gorgeous blooms? Create your masterpiece by hollowing out a collection of brightly colored miniature gourds and filling them with water. Add small bunches of deeply rich burgundy, gold, and cream-colored mums and nestle on a bed of autumn leaves or brilliantly green moss.

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