Tips For Choosing The Best Container For Your Indoor Plants


When it comes to the beauty of indoor plants, nothing can quite compare. Typically most houseplants are sold in plastic standard pots and chances are, these generic pots aren't the best at blending in with existing decor. If you are like most houseplant lovers, it's likely you're considering replacing these pots. 

It's important to carefully choose replacement containers in order to provide your houseplants with the best environment for them to grow and thrive. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the best container for your indoor plants. 

Why Containers Make a Difference

In the most basic sense, the goal of a planting container is to provide the plant with just the right about of soil. Considering the vast amount of choices when it comes to replacement containers, it's easy to understand see how choosing the right container can be a little overwhelming for some. But why does the container you choose make such a difference?

Choosing a container that's too large or too small for your plant can create a number of problems. Plants will look out of place and disproportionate. Additionally, improper container sizes can create poor environments for growth and overall plant health.

Containers that are too large for their plant companions will hold more moisture in the soil than the plant actually needs. This can create plant health issues like root rot and eventual death of the plant. On the other hand, houseplants with containers that are too small can create issues like bound roots and stunted growth. 

Don't Forget Drainage

Before you make a final decision on which pot is best for your houseplant, it's important to consider the drainage. The best containers will have holes in the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to move away from the roots and base of the plant. Without any drainage, you face a much higher risk of over-watering. This is especially true for beginning growers who may not be as familiar with how much water is  too much. 

If you simply cannot find the recommended features in a pot that you can't live without, there is a solution! You can use the more practical container for actual planting and place this smaller pot inside of the larger, more decorative container. This will give your houseplant the drainage it needs while giving your home and plants the look that they deserve. 

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